22 September 2008

adventures in aldeburgh

Just back from our week in Aldeburgh, and the weather didn't let us down. We basked in warm autumnal sunshine nearly every day.

This time we stayed in a larger cottage called, quite appropriately for Aldeburgh, Pebblebeach:

Owned by Angie and Simon Lewin of St Jude's Gallery, it featured gorgeous prints and fabrics by Angie (and other British printmakers) as well as fabulous midcentury modern furniture:

But unlike our last holiday by the sea, we spent more time outdoors than in.

I was quite enamored with the seagulls, until I saw how menacing this one looked in stop-motion!

And just for Val, here's a picture of the famous scallop shell. The 12-foot-high sculpture was designed by Maggi Hambling as a memorial to Benjamin Britten. Installed on a deserted beach just north of Aldeburgh, it's been a source of controversy ever since. Locals seem to either love it or loathe it:

In addition to walking along the sea, we also trekked through the fields and forests surrounding Aldeburgh. The RSPB maintains some super sites and trails. Indeed, one of the things we love most about this part of Suffolk is the landscape's diversity. You can ramble along the sea and through marshes, fields, and forests all in the same morning--and we did--but boy do those pebbles make for tough walking!


  1. Thank you for the scallop photo - I love that sculpture. We last visited Aldeburgh on a very very cold and blustery February day; the scenery was extraordinary, and the fish and chips very welcome!

    I remember we visited Snape Maltings on the same trip. We must go back.

  2. Pebblebeach could be named for me!! How fab to stay in Angie Lewin's cottage, surrounded by her work. So inspiring.
    D x

  3. The sculpture is amazing...

    I should revisit Aldeburgh again one day. I have good memories of wonderful fish and chips too!

  4. How could you bear to leave? The cottage looks perfect and the weather a wonderful escape from our wet, cold summer.

  5. what a beautiful holiday!

    I must get to that part of the country... gorgeous.

    And that cottage? divine... I have two of Angie's cushions on my bed and they're very treasured!

    Would you mind letting me have details of that?