07 September 2008

hotel toast

I absolutely adore hotel toast. As described by Nigel Slater:

'Even when eaten within minutes of its arrival at the table, it still manages to be pliable, stretchy even. The butter refuses to melt, staying sweet and firm on the surface. Yet there is something perfectly agreeable about [it].... Bendy, cold, elastic and invariably too thin, hotel toast is still curiously moreish, and feels somehow special.' (Eating for England, 2007)

Last week, Jaye, Rachel, and Sue indulged my love for hotel toast by giving me the most wonderful birthday present: a proper pewter toast rack from Brissi!

Now I can have hotel toast at home. I just need to perfect my knife skills, as we had no luck trying to wedge an ordinary slice in: only the thinnest, most elegant slices will do! Yummy!


  1. Yum! Nothing quite like someone else toasting your toast and bringing it to the table in a beautiful rack!

  2. oooh, there's something so proper about toast in a rack, it turns a quick snack into a gourmet treat. xx
    belated happy birthday too. xx

  3. Yum Yum! Nothing quite like your toast being brought to you on the rack with a cup of coffee so you can have breakfast in bed!

  4. Belated happy birthday!

    I think I must have stayed in some rotten hotels as the toast wasn't a patch on what we have at home ;-)

  5. Another Virgo.. there seem to be a lot of us about in blogland! Wishing you a very happy belated Birthday.. I do hope you are having a lovely hols and enjoying some fine toast wherever you are..

    Michele x

  6. did you say birthday? why didn't I know!

    Happy happy happy birthday!