20 April 2010

other people's gardens

Saturday dawned so bright and sunny--the sky such a deep cobalt blue--it seemed an ideal morning for exploring. So we headed to Savill Garden, a woodland and ornamental garden created by Sir Eric Savill in the 1930s.

There were still a few daffodils blooming,

plenty of frothy blossom,

and some magnificent magnolias:

After a leisurely wander, we had lunch on the terrace of the Savill Building, just beyond the shade of its wonderfully wavy roof:

this image: Savill Garden website

The garden is part of the Royal Landscape, which is in turn part of the Crown Estate. As our allotments are also owned by the Crown, I was thinking they could perhaps lend us a gardener to help with a bit of plot beautification...hmmm!


  1. We visited this garden last May during the azalea/rhodo season. You have captured some enchanting details here!

    Yesterday I visited a rose garden in Houston. I am always surprised that many of the same flowers will grow here, but the greenery is so different -- as is the overall effect.

    We have been grounded in Houston for an extra week . . . and although I love being here, I am sad to be missing any good weather in the UK. My husband keeps telling me how lovely it is there. I know we have a date on the calendar, but I can't remember when. I think that I may have to reschedule.

  2. I'd never thought of blossom as frothy, but it so is. We keep meaning to go to Savill Garden. We drive past it on the way to my parents. And we keep going to weddings at Savill Court Hotel nearby. Really, all signs are pointing in that direction. Must make the time to go!

    Love the fact that your allotments are owned by the Crown. Is that the case for all allotments, or just yours? I have an image of barber jackets and posh wellies.

    Cat x

  3. Beautiful photos! It's still a bit early for flowers like that here in Colorado.

  4. Beautiful photos! What a glorious day for your outing. Looking forward very much to meeting up with you this Saturday - hope it's still lovely weather!

  5. You do get around! Lovely photos.

  6. What a lovely day! That looks like a beautiful garden - I shall have to go some time.

  7. Beautiful gardens. I loved the fragrance of the Skimmia that was blooming that day - what a fantastic scent!

    Also the sound of all the bees hard at work in all the blossom trees was quite impressive!

  8. yet another place I must visit!

  9. Let me know when you are next visiting the Gardens and I will meet you for tea!