25 April 2010

other people's gardens, part three

On Friday, G and I played hooky to spend more time in other people's gardens: this time our old favorite, Petersham Nurseries. There were trays and trays of bedding plants in the central greenhouse,

and the outside beds were bursting with blooms:

After a good wander round, and a long pause for coffee and slices of crumbly-syrupy lemon-almond-polenta cake,

we headed into the shop, where we discovered even more spectacular species:

The central urn had been planted up with strawberries,

foretelling good things to come:

And not a moment too soon, as I've had just about enough of rhubarb: bring on the berries!


  1. I can't hear or see a mention of Petersham without thinking of you, Kristina! It all looks glorious, as usual.

  2. A post that reminds us forcibly of the Great Temperature Divide between North and South. Here in the North East, we haven't started on our rhubarb yet (just another inch or two!) and strawberries are just a distant dream.....

  3. Our rhubarb isn't quite there yet - not long to go!

    Petersham looks like another, and most wonderful, world.

  4. You need to take me there again! Even if it's just for more cake!

  5. Whoa, those are unusual-looking strawberries! I mean, besides the fact that they're still green - ha!

    Looks like a fun outing!

  6. We're really hoping the berries are bountiful this year as last year's crop was a bust!

    (My goodness...that's almost a tongue twister!)

  7. Never seen strawberries grown in such an elegant urn before. Maybe this is how all the residents of Persham grow their strawberries?

  8. come on strawberries, hurry up! I am getting asparagus in next week's veg box, cannot wait. spring food is so good!

  9. What lovely pictures! That cake looks very yummy. I agree - I'm looking forward to the berries.