21 April 2010

other people's gardens, part two

Yesterday, Tracy and I met for our long-planned rendezvous at Kew.

We were meant to be crocheting in the cafe, but we couldn't resist the lure of the sunny blue skies,


and magnolias, including this spectacular specimen:

With Heathrow closed on account of ash, the gardens were blissfully quiet. That must be a bird or bug in the corner...

because there wasn't a plane in the sky.

And as for crochet in the cafe: we've both taken out memberships, so we can try again next month. Perhaps it will be gray and rainy then!


  1. I'm so cross with myself for not going to Kew while the skies were quiet. Isn't it funny how much more noticeable the planes are after a few days' peace?

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day out - your photographs are stunning.

  3. What a fantastic Spring we are having and such sunny photos too! It looks as if you had a great time :)

  4. Gorgeous flowers, beautiful sky! Definitely too nice to be inside.

  5. I'm appreciating spring so much more this year. Such a hopeful time!

  6. oh, beautiful. I have never been to Kew in spring, it looks amazing.