13 October 2009

really rosie, part two

I was so excited about Rachel's Rosehip Syrup last year, she invited me round for a tutorial this year.

We gathered the rosehips, cleaned them, blitzed them in her food processor, then tipped them into boiling water. We boiled and strained them twice, leaving them to drip through scalded muslin, first for one hour then overnight.

The next morning, we added granulated sugar to the strained juice and, after dissolving the sugar, quickly boiled it into a syrup:

The bottled syrup is simply luminous,

and the taste is just as vibrant. Scrummy!


  1. There are some beautiful rosehips being neglected in the park that I'd like to cut and bring home. I had no idea you could make a syrup with them...live and learn!

  2. Just found this - I assume that they are talking about rose hips. Wish i could remember where I first heard about rose hips and itching.



    PS THe syrup looks infinitely preferable...

  3. I popped over here when I saw a mention of Teddington on Alice's comments and I find all sorts of interesting stuff, a holiday in Cley(we stayed in the Old Town Hall House) a visit to Petersham Nurseries, and the Teddington connection is that I lived in and around there for 6 years and will be selling (well, attempting to)at the Landmark arts centre in November.