14 October 2009

foodie favorites

I've already written about my passion for Ines Rosales Tortas. Now I've discovered another wafer-thin pantry must-have: Peter's Yard Crispbreads.

Not a bit like the ones you find in your average grocery, these traditional Swedish crispbreads, made with sourdough and rye, are so very light with a pleasantly gritty crunch:

And just look at those lovely bumps:

They're perfect with a bit of butter or thinly planed cheese.

In addition to the tins of small rounds, you can purchase tins of (very) large rounds to break off and share, like the ones I remember on Scandinavian breakfast tables.

But while they remind me of summers in Norway and Sweden, Peter's Yard is actually in Edinburgh! So a visit to the bakery and coffee house might just be a possibility.


  1. Oh, such a nice snack with the cheese! Peter's Yard looks like a perfect spot for a visit...very you!

  2. It's a mistake to read your blog when hungry, Kristina!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love those tortas too. You can buy them in waitrose. They have the most delicate aniseedy flavour and a lovely crunch. Perfect with tea. Ive never seen this one though, so will keep my eye out for it.

  4. These look simple and very delicious - thanks for the tip, but as Seymour says, I now need a snack!

  5. Simply excellent! Really good with cheese.