28 April 2009

perfect pie

While Norfolk has wonderful seafood,

G was most excited about trying a pork pie from Samphire, a shop I first read about in Olive last year: 

Set in the grounds of a National Trust estate, the shop is lovely and homey. All the food on sale is sourced locally from small producers. And all the meat is from rare-breed animals, reared outdoors to the highest welfare standards.

Giles Coren, the infamous Times restaurant critic, described his pork pie from Samphire as 'the most extraordinary pie I had ever known,' and after one bite G was in complete agreement. Not normally a pork pie eater, I consented to just a taste...and I too was won over!


  1. You do realize that G may just end up having a craving for another one of these pies and then you'll have to go back.

  2. I have a terrible weakness for pork pies. Just the thought of these special ones makes me want to jump in the car and drive up to Norfolk - too bad it is late at night!