06 April 2009

home improvement

Several notices have been framed and will soon be posted in the Jolly Hockey Sticks clubhouse. The aim is to improve the clubhouse decor...and just maybe the members' habits as well!

Now with an allotment, it's very hard not to do this. But a little reminder over the table couldn't hurt:

I find this more difficult, particularly when trying to make a meal out of all those greens:

A mantra to repeat while listening to the news on the clubhouse radio: 

And finally, our new clubhouse motto:

This will only make sense if you're familiar with Nice biscuits (cookies). G would say they're not really very nice at all. But as we're being nice, perhaps we should concede they are edible in a biscuit emergency...and they do make for a funny print!

all images: Keep Calm Gallery


  1. I love them! Any biscuit that goes with a cup of tea is fine with me, very 'nice' indeed.

  2. I have admired that Keep Calm sign forever! But I think I might like the silver-lining one even more. The graphics, the sentiment...all of it!

  3. You have to love artwork with a social conscience!

  4. I agree with G. not really that Nice. Although for my first 13 years in England I pronounced them like the French town... doh!

    Mr M put me right. But I still don't eat them...

  5. Nice to be nice - excellent! Not enough to make me buy and eat the blessed things, but still!