10 March 2009

willow giants

While strolling through the Wisley grounds, we also came upon a few of the 'willow giants' installed by artist Tom Hare last spring: a giant apple cut in half, a six-foot-high pear...

and just outside the Model Fruit and Vegetable Garden, a row of ten-foot-high inverted roots.

Both G and I thought the inverted roots looked like aliens, but then again, root veggies grown on the allotment often do!


  1. They ARE aliens - don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!

    I love willow sculpture so much.

  2. Wow, I love the pear!

  3. Looks like a scene from "Day of the Triffids"!

  4. Dear me -- I was reading too fast and thought you'd written "robots" instead of "roots." And then I thought, "Well, yes, but they don't look inverted at all!" So much for my proofreading skills...