05 March 2009

a feast for the eyes

While I love Waitrose, I'm not so keen on Waitrose Food Illustrated. I collect my free issue every month, but it usually ends up in the recycling toot sweet.

This month, however, the exquisite photography more than made up for the lack of useful recipes.

Here in my favorite color palette...with a palette:

And this one reminds me of our alfresco lunch at Ali's house:

Note the accompanying recipe calls for exactly 24 quail eggs and 30 pink radishes and helpfully directs: 'on your most beautiful platter, arrange the eggs with the radishes.'

So perhaps still more inspirational than practical! But gorgeous nonetheless...


  1. There's something so aesthetically pleasing about eggs isn't there. Lovely pics!

  2. Well , I don't mind that there's no cooking involved . I just don't like radishes . But a few more inspiring photos of almost instant culinary delights would be most welcome .

  3. I love the periwinkle-ish color in the jar!

  4. I've chopped mine up for the pretty pictures this month too!

  5. What fab pictures...great colours! Love the puzzle in post below, too.

  6. I've started recycling the pages into envelopes a la Moogsmum.

    It used to have decent main meal recipes each month - now, not so much. Lots of puddings I shouldn;t be eating, but not much else - and hopeless for veggies!

  7. How about a photographic "still life" competition amoungst the bloggers? Everyone has to take a still life photograph of items assembled on their kitchen table.