09 March 2009

wisley wander

On Saturday, we attended the first day of the RHS Grow Your Own Weekend at Wisley. It was a gorgeous day, and we had a good wander amongst the fields...

and flower beds...

and inside the Glasshouse, which was so lovely and warm, arid in some parts...

and tropical in others:

But the downside to the fabulous weather was that the garden was packed, and we weren't able to squeeze into any of the fruit- or vegetable-growing lectures or demonstrations.

So after collecting our goody bags and having a look round the Fruit Field (how I love espaliered fruit, so neat and tidy) and the Model Fruit and Vegetable Garden, we came home and got back to work on our own plot...perhaps making even better use of the Grow Your Own Weekend...


  1. Love Wisley - my grandmother-in-law (who used to delightfully call me her 'granddaughter in love') was an ardent horticulturalist and Wisley will always remind me of her.

  2. I've never been to Wisley - must get round to it. This weekend marked the first real gardening of the season here too and I so enjoyed being outdoors again.

  3. What a guilt-inducing post. I haven't seen my allotment for weeks, despite a large bag of kitchen compost waiting to be taken down there. Maybe tomorrow....but it's so cold...and wet...and windy...

  4. Oh, this was just what I needed after a cold, rainy day! Stunning!

    (But why oh why is my word verification "oodor"??? Suddenly I'm terribly self-conscious...)

  5. I haven't even ventured outside yet... unless it's for retrieving items the dogs has taken there, or shout at the kids to stop wrestling in mud, or putting bikes back in the sheds.

    Must do better.

  6. What beautiful photos!