26 October 2008

pinnies please

While we don't have a television, we do watch a few programs each week on BBC iPlayer. My current favorite is Coal House at War, in which three families give up the comforts of modern life to live as they would have done in a Welsh mining community in 1944:

The families experience every aspect of life on the homefront, and the show is so entertaining, as well as educational. But I must admit I'm often distracted by the clothes! I love the floral pinnies, fair isle sweaters and berets (perfect for using up odds and ends of wool), and sensible skirts and shoes.

In September, following a suggestion from Poshyarns, we visited Old Town in Holt, which specializes in just this type of clothing. When you step into the shop, you really do feel you're stepping back in time. This picture doesn't even begin to do justice to the wonderful dark-woody, retro feel of the shop and its fittings:

I'd already fallen in love with the Bungalow Dress online:

Unfortunately, they didn't have the blue blossom print in my size, but they promised to make one up and post it to Teddington (most of their clothing is made to order). And sure enough it arrived yesterday and is just as lovely as I'd hoped. Now I have just the thing to wear (with a nice warm cardi) while watching the next episode of Coal House!


  1. Oh, and you're going to look fab in it too!

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  3. The Old Town & Tin House shop in Holt, Norfolk is the possibly the most startling and original shop I have been in, a must see for anyone interested in vintage fashion. As soon as you walk in the door, you feel that this is a place where time stood still sometime around 1940. Unfortunately, I could not pluck up enough courage to place an order, as I was afraid the shop assistant might decline my business unless I presented her with a ration coupon!

  4. Now that dress would look great on you ... very retro and stylish...

  5. The Bungalow dress is my favourite too, I look forward to hearing how you like yours.