16 October 2008

petersham with pebbledash

Things haven't been so jolly in the Jolly Hockey Sticks clubhouse lately, and as a result, the blog has fallen a bit behind real life.

So it was a few weeks ago that Diana and I met for the first time at Petersham Nurseries. Even though it was a wet morning, the greenhouses were lovely, with new displays in rich autumnal hues:

A few minutes after arriving, I found Diana trying on my favorite wellies: a very promising start!

Both Diana and her sister are wonderful: amiable, engaging, thoughtful, intelligent, and just plain fun! I'll be meeting up with Diana again this Saturday (this time on her side of the country) for a Fat Hen foraging weekend. Very exciting! Must go pack my wellies...


  1. I'd forgotten about the wellies! Forecast good for the weekend...foraging here we come! See you soon... xx

  2. Have a wonderful time in Cornwall and then when you get back you must email me so that we can meet up. I want to hear all about it.

  3. Kristina, if you pocketed that lovely Chinese Lantern plant you could be on your way to making a gorgeous autumnal wreath! p.s.-Not that I'm encouraging thievery...

  4. Have a wonderful weekend - and hope things are jolly again very soon!

  5. Hope things are back to being jolly again. I'd love to get to Petersham one day, I've read so much about it. Hope you're having a good weekend

  6. Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear that all has not been jolly and hope things are on the up now.

    The Forage weekend looks brilliant, you seem to do all the very nicest of things.