30 July 2014

more gorgeous gooseberries

Last summer, I finally tackled my fear of preserving by enrolling in the Preserving in a Day course with Sky Cracknell, founder of England Preserves. Sky sells her jams and chutneys at the fantabulous Spa Terminus food market in Bermondsey while also supplying some of the top restaurants and department stores in London. 

After a very busy day weighing, boiling, and filling, I left with jars and jars of jam, as well as the knowledge and confidence to try it all at home. But sadly our fruit on the allotment had pretty much gone by then, so I had to wait...

...until now! Our gooseberry standards were so laden with fruit this year, even after thinning, that G had to hammer in extra supports.

Admittedly, gooseberry is one of the easiest jams to make, but I'm so pleased with the result:

I'm also so glad I made it before this heatwave set in--far too hot to be boiling fruit now! Perfect weather for gooseberry ice cream though...


  1. yum! I need to plant a gooseberry bush!

  2. The thing that I am most afraid of in the whole world is my mother's gooseberry pie. Once you have taken a mouhful of gooseberries without sugar the fear stays with you all your life.