02 August 2011

wisley wander, take two

Here's a less melty Yogurt Pop with Berries,

a quick treat before heading out to RHS Wisley. It'd been quite a while since our last visit, when we made the mistake of going on a jam-packed Grow Your Own Weekend. But despite the overflowing car park, it didn't feel too busy this time round.

We admired the succulents in the Model Gardens and Glasshouse, which seemed appropriate on such a scorching day.

I thought the rose season had ended, but we strolled past bed after bed of amazing blooms:

And there were more humble flowers too:

But my favorite part, as always, was the 'allotment', showcasing the best methods for growing fruit and veg. There were awe-inspiring espaliers of apples and pears and nectarines and peaches,

as well as a shady grape arbor to shelter from the midday sun:

We're now considering adding apples, pears, and grapes to our plot too. But without a sunny wall or greenhouse, I'm pretty sure we won't be growing our own peaches...or pineapples!


  1. Pineapples growing in England never fail to amaze me but why not?

    Super photos, Kristina! And too bad I can't just reach out and grab that lolly.

  2. We trimmed our roses as per Monty Don and they are in a full bloom yet again. They make me so happy!

  3. Gosh! I would never have believed you could grow pineapples here.

  4. The smell of peaches ripening on the tree is just amazing. I wish I could make living as a peach picker!

  5. My mouth is watering at those photos.

    Hope to catch up soon Kristina.

  6. Mouth watering crops and beautiful flowers - perfect.