09 November 2010

wet and windy woodbridge

It was a wet and windy weekend in Woodbridge, but there were some sunny spells, during which we walked along the River Deben to see the Tide Mill

and the boats

and drove over to Snape Maltings for a tramp through the reed beds:

Luckily Lilla Cottage was cosy,

with comfy reading and knitting nooks,

and it was just off Market Hill, where we happened upon the highlights of our visit: the Wild Strawberry Cafe and Twist.

The Wild Strawberry Cafe has been voted the best coffee shop in Suffolk and for good reason. G and I agreed our sandwiches were the best we'd ever had, hands down.

And Twist was an equally exciting discovery. When we arrived Friday night, the doors were locked, but we could see people moving inside, busily assembling shelves and unpacking boxes. I went to bed with my fingers crossed, and sure enough the next morning they opened for their first day of business!

The staff were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, happy to discuss everything from lace life-lines to toe-up socks. There was a spacious room in back fitted out for classes and groups, a couch and newspapers for waiting partners, and a complete selection of Sublime yarns--hooray! I picked up some Sublime (of course) and this book,

because if I can't live in Woodbridge, I think Little Cake would have to be my next choice!


  1. Glad you had a wonderful time. How amazing to be there on Twist's first day of business!

  2. It looks as though you had a wonderful weekend!

  3. Ah, that all sounds too good to be true! Sublime *sigh*

  4. How lovely all these shots are. This so makes me long for dear England. Sigh.

  5. Each of these pictures is a charming vignette . . . and I want to move to Woodbridge! Is there REALLY a place called Little Cake?

    Do you suppose the people who own that boat are from NYC -- and are keen tea drinkers?

  6. what a charming little place, especially the Tide Mill. Lucky you with the shop opening!

  7. Fabulous timing to catch the opening of Twist! And a new knitting pattern book is just the thing for a long drive home.

  8. Is there not a Great Cake? That's where (I'm afraid) I would like to live ;)

  9. Good choice of cottage, and what great luck turning up at the yarn shop on their first day of business!