01 November 2010

pottering in petersham, take four

The rain was streaming down the greenhouse windows at Petersham on Sunday.

But other than the insistent patter on the roofs, the Nurseries were eerily quiet. Suitable, I suppose, considering the day. There were a few nods to Halloween, with ghostly gray wreaths

and acid green books:

But there were also grays and greens of the Christmas variety:

Petersham is one of my best sources for mercury glass ornaments. We used to make a special trip every December just to see the decorations, but now I guess that would be leaving it too late!

I was soon on the search for a silver pinecone, to match a favorite I bought two years ago. No pinecones this time, but there were some fabby maple leaves

and maple-colored balls,

which I really should have bought at the time. This (as usual) means a trip back, which means G will likely be reaching for that little green book!


  1. Petersham always looks such a wonderful place to explore. If only I lived closer!

  2. I love those barn stars!

    I'd also quite like a plant that could offend (certain) people!

  3. Oh I really do wish I could visit Petersham,thank you for giving me a little taste.

  4. It's November. I think we're allowed to acknowledge that Christmas is not far off now - there, I've said it!

  5. Why haven't I ever thought of a dusty miller spook wreath - brilliant!

  6. Are those silver acorns I see? They're lovely! Each autumn I try to snatch at least one acorn for myself from our pincay oak. The squirrels are very quick!

  7. Is it Christmas already? Oh, lord.

  8. Bewitched, bedecked and bebaubled be am I!

  9. I was going to wait until spring to try and make it over to Petersham, but I think it might have to be December -- for the Xmas ornaments!