01 January 2009

trusty puzzle

New year, new puzzle!

This is one of two super National Trust puzzles I received from G for Christmas. The assembly was a bit tricky. With Springbok puzzles, the pieces will only join in the correct way. With this puzzle, the pieces would happily join in all sorts of incorrect ways--aaargh! But the fabulous images more than compensated for the piece mix-ups.

I thought it would be fun to visit all the properties depicted, until I realized how far from Teddington some of them are. The pig, for example, is on Ballyquintin Farm, a 64-acre farm in one of the most secluded parts of Northern Ireland.

But I think visits to Sissinghurst Castle Garden in Kent (bottom center) and Barrington Court in Somerset (top center) are definite possibilities for 2009. The Barrington Court property includes not only a Tudor house but a working kitchen garden, and you know there's nothing I love more than a kitchen garden!


  1. I've always wanted to visit Vita's place!!

  2. I always forget about my National Trust card when I am in Northern Ireland, I will try and visit the farm next time and will be sure to report back.

    I live on the edge of a National Trust property, Bodnant Gardens, you must come and have tea should you ever be visiting.

  3. You'll love Sissinghurst Kristina - it's a very magical place.

  4. if you like NT kitchen gardens you'll have to come to York, there's a lovely one......

  5. Picturing you and G at either end of that long harvest table, "Pass the salt please dear".

  6. You could visit the Garden at Heligan which has a fabulous walled kitchen garden including a pineapple growing area.