27 May 2011

colorful kew

It's been a week of color: first at Loop, then at Kew. On Wednesday, Tracy, Nancy, and I met for our most colorful visit yet. There were bright blue skies and bedfuls of orange and yellow roses, many as lemony in scent as they were in hue.

But there were plenty of rosy-colored

and rosy-smelling ones too,

and other pink flowers,

including the most marvellous peonies, some in bud

and some in bloom,

in a hidden garden only Nancy had ever seen before. Which just proves that even after a year as members, there's still plenty to discover. And thank goodness, as Kew has just sneakily renewed our memberships!


  1. Oh good - another year's worth of walks with you to look forward o then!

  2. A whole day of roses - could it be better? Our extended lack of rain brought ours out gorgeously this week - just in time for a deluge to batter them. They seem to have recovered though :-)

  3. Ah -- always happy to get a rose tour! Now, if only I could smell them...

  4. I have *one* out in my garden today!

    I've read your lovely email but not had time to reply yet... working on it though :-)

  5. Such gorgeous photos, Kristina!

    Kew's roses will have to tide me over while I wait for my favourite rambler to bloom. It's not even mine, it grows along a fence I pass on my walk with Deacon. The scent is amazing!

  6. Wow - lovely. But I do hate it when memberships get renewed sneakily.