10 April 2011

more marylebone

While we were in Marylebone, we also popped into Jane Packer, very conveniently located between the new branch of the Nordic Bakery...

and The Wallace Collection, our final destination. Though I do think I could have happily stayed in Jane Packer all afternoon, arranging posies with the lucky students in the back of the shop.

The pretty flora-filled benches outside...

gave way to even more marvelous displays inside, where I was able to indulge my perpetual passion for green blooms:

So now I'm thinking perhaps our allotment plan should feature fewer veggies and more flowers. After all, we'd still be getting our greens!


  1. It was such a fun afternoon! Jane Packer was a wonderful discovery - I'm loving my herbs :) I think more flowers is always a good idea!

  2. I would demand some cutting garden allotment allocation if I were you. And I keep missing the chance to get to Nordic Bakery - really need to put that right.

  3. Yes, flowers, flowers! I keep digging more beds for my cutting garden - last year it was 2, this year it may be 3 ...

  4. Gorgeous flowers, I would love a Sarah Raven style cutting garden or Yarnstorm style tulip beds.

  5. A colleague at work got a beautiful bouquet from Jane Packer delivered today as a birthday surprise! It made me smile and say "we were there"!

  6. Yes I like green blooms, too. Mind you hydrangeas are beautiful green, coloured, alive or dead! Lovely pictures.