24 December 2010

christmas café, take two

This morning, G and I nipped into Petersham for the ornament sale, hoping to find some shiny silver maple leaves. While there were a few decorations left,

including a spectacular pinecone sadly much too big for our table or tree,

there were no leaves to be seen.

But we soon found solace in free Christmas coffees and a slice of lemon and poppy seed cake, which was so deliciously more-ish I forgot to snap a picture till we were nearly halfway through!

And because the Café had already closed for the season, we were able to carry our Teahouse tray into the Café proper and sit in its elegant and exotically warm surrounds.

There were big buckets of mistletoe for sticky Christmas kisses:

And on the way out, we passed tray after tray of bright green bulbs and flocks of little golden birds,

a heartening change from the gray, slush-crusted fields outside, and a reminder that spring really is just round the corner.

But before I get ahead of myself, as I so often do, we wish you a very merry holiday filled with love and happiness...

...and maybe a few mistletoe kisses, too!


  1. Oh, that does look like a magical place to visit on Christmas Eve!

    Have a wonderful holiday, and hope to see you properly in the New Year.

  2. Heavens, fancy sitting in the posh bit! One year I was there on Christmas Eve and they gave me a free holly wreath. Hope you have a very happy Christmas.

  3. What a refreshing (and yummy) outing! It does my heart good to see all of those bulbs...although I must admit I'm enjoying the snow, too (just got our first big snow this morning).

  4. Oh those bright green bulbs! It did me good to see those!

    Happy Christmas to you and all yours. N xx

  5. I've no mistletoe, but I'm insisting on some Xmas kisses!

    Kristina, so looking forward to 2011 -- with knitting (to learn), lots more cake, and maybe (finally!) a trip to Petersham with you? Happy Christmas from Bee x

  6. Such a quiet, peaceful-looking place to visit on a sometimes hectic day! Thank you for the images, and I hope you and yours have a lovely holiday.

  7. Merry Christmas! What a wonderful place to spend a portion of Christmas Eve.

    And I can't help but smile at the prospect of the bulbs either.

  8. What a lovely treat to escape to somewhere special, love those clear glass baubles! Lizzie

  9. Hope you and G had a lovely Christmas Kristina

  10. The little game that I play is that Jan, Feb and March are really just ninety days that will fly by. Here's hoping...

    Lovely pictures, Petersham looks like the perfect respite from the cold.

  11. Such a good photo of G who looks very dashing ;)

  12. Oh how gorgeous! I MUST get to Petersham this year. I really must.

    Happy Happy New Year to you Kristina.

  13. Ooh, I made a lemon poppy seed cake for our cafe today! You don't often come across it..mine has white chocolate icing on it but haven't tried it yet.

    Petersham is on my wish list-maybe this year!x

  14. I always love your posts about Petersham. So wish I lived close enough to go there!