26 October 2010

autumn color

As with most blog events, I seem to have missed autumn color week. But there's been plenty of color about, including rich browns at Petersham,

and more flamboyant reds and browns at Kew, on the trees

and in crispy piles below, perfect for a good shuffle:

There's been orange, too, including bushfuls of berries on the way home from the station

and pumpkins and butternuts piled high on the counters and in the shed, ready to be made into squash-y soups and sides--just the thing for perking up a chilly (and now gray) autumn day.


  1. Oh! Are they bird seed feeders at Petersham? Lovely! ;)

  2. Beautiful colors indeed, I haven't been to Kew Gardens for ages, really must visit soon. x

  3. Gorgeous photos, glorious colours! And you've reminded me to put squash on the shopping list...it's my absolute favourite soup.

  4. beautiful! enjoy the soup, i'm so happy it's the season for it. (well, i am an obsessive who eats soup year round, but i feel rather more justified in doing so at this time of year!)

  5. Ah, those seed feeders are fabulous!

  6. Gorgeous colors! You really captured the essence of fall there.