29 May 2010

pottering in petersham, take two

A wet start to the Bank Holiday weekend, but what else is new? Luckily, Petersham is equally divine rain or shine.

The tables outside were flooded,

but the greenhouse seating was warm and dry. And with no crowds, there were plenty of cakes to choose from

and time to linger, discussing what we would be doing in the garden, if only it weren't raining...

while really feeling just-that-bit relieved by the reprieve!

But after a quick look round outside

and inside the shop, it was time to fly home for some nesting

(i.e. washing and tidying) because I'm on allotment cafe duty tomorrow, no matter what the weather!


  1. Your Petersham posts are always a delight no matter the weather.

  2. One day I will visit Petersham... you always make it sound delightful. Hope the weather holds for your cafe duties!

  3. Right, one of these days soon I'm going to have to get to Petersham. I've just seen that Gina's had the same thought....

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog over the weekend. I've enjoyed taking a look around here, too. Your photos are lovely - Petersham sounds delightful! I'll be stopping back soon...

  5. Petersham is a favourite of mine - whether it be lunch with a friend or just a wonder and cake.

  6. Hope you had a successful day in the cafe.

    I've got some birthday money that I think could be well spent at Petersham!

  7. I never thought I would be saying this after our wet early spring, but we could use a bit of that rain here...

    What a lovely outing! And are those phlox??

  8. I'm still plotting an outing, honest. Things seem to be conspiring to keep me from it at the moment, but that cake is calling me...
    Soon, I hope.

  9. I could spend a fortune there (if I had a garden of course!), the cake looks delicious. x

  10. What super pictures. That cake looks very yummy!

  11. What is that blue flower?
    It might have been raining outside, but your pictures create a cozy, inviting scene.