19 March 2010

cowls for the cold, part three

Teddington is definitely warming up: I switched to a lighter jacket just after these photos were taken. But the mornings and evenings remain mighty chilly, so I'm still wearing my Pashmina Cowls, including my newest one in Musk:

As with the first two, I used Joseph Galler Pashmina and the pattern in Joelle Hoverson's Last-Minute Knitted Gifts.

I actually started this one on a transcontinental plane journey several years ago, after which it disappeared into my works-in-progress pile.

But in just one evening this week, it was off the needles and ready to wear--so satisfying! Now must see about finishing a few more of those works-in-progress...


  1. Kristina,
    This is very elegant and looks so soft.
    I was in London yesterday, and I think it was the first time since October that I wasn't wearing a scarf! The air is definitely gentler these days.

  2. You have been a busy bunny! Love the colour.

  3. Very pretty, what a beautiful colour.

  4. Very elegant - just what you need on a fresh Spring morning

  5. Very satisfying indeed! I must make a cowl or two for next year, they're gorgeous.

  6. Goodness, can't believe you finished it off in an evening! You're so fast.