14 December 2009

brontës and blessings

I was planning to read this:

But ended up reading this:

When I spied A Glass of Blessings at the library, I couldn't resist. Especially as it was a new, pristine copy...unlike the cookbook I checked out, which was terribly eeeuw!

The story follows Wilmet, a 1950s London housewife, through her days at home, in church, and around town. It was easy to feel real affection for Wilmet and her companions, while at the same time finding amusement (smiles and laughs) aplenty in their many quirks and foibles. Might just be my favorite Pym to date.

But now, back to the Brontës...


  1. I LOVE Barbara Pym. Will definitely be reading this! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I've read Barbara Pym, but never heard of this book - following E to the library for this one!

  3. Fabulous! It just so happens that I picked up a copy of A Glass of Blessings this summer. It's second-hand and a bit old but I'm looking forward to it even more now.

  4. Sounds an entertaining read - when are you taking it back to the library?! I'd also like to report back - hopefully without making my fellow commenters too envious - that your ginger biscuits decorated with silver balls (previous post) were exquisite, both to look at and eat. Thanks.

  5. Okay, but I'm dying to know what the Brontes thought of Woolworth's...

  6. Not my favourite BP but there are many great moments in it. I've been re-reading Some Tame Gazelle. A bit uneven but some great scenes involving curates and corset mending. So much so that I found myself in Kingston John Lewis the other day examining the lingerie repair kits longingly. Madness.