25 June 2009

curley chocolate

Coffee break with Rachel at William Curley:

Rachel had the financier (in back) and I had the brownie (in front). With pots of coffee, we were in chocolate heaven!

Located in a hidden passageway just off Richmond Green, William Curley is definitely worth seeking out: they've just won Best British Chocolatier from The Academy of Chocolate for the third year in a row.

And for hot days on the Green, they also serve artisan ice creams. So much temptation in such a little shop!


  1. chocolate heaven indeed xoxox

  2. I could just dive right in! D x

  3. ohhh my mouth is watering just looking at them...............yum x

  4. You always find the best foodie haunts!

  5. I've had my chocolate fix just looking at your photo! Thank you!